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Deprssion and Mood Disorders
Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and mood disorders are common issues for individuals to struggle with that can be brought upon by a variety of issues such as chemical imbalances or stressful life events, like loss of a loved one, feelings of hopelessness, or financial distress and instability. Events such as these common issues in our society, can lead to feelings of sadness or depression, or increasing the severity of a mood disorder. If left untreated, symptoms of depression and mood disorders can lead to more serious complications, such as suicidal ideation. Depression and mood disorders can present as Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymia, Bipolar Disorder, or Cyclothymic Disorder.

Symptoms of Depression and Mood Disorders can include:

Ongoing sad, anxious, or "empty" mood              Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness            Low self-esteem

Feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness               Excessive guilt                                                         Loss of interest in usual activities

Changes in sleep and appetite                               Decreased energy                                                   Difficulties with concentration

Relationship issues                                                   Difficulty with decision making                               Psychosomatic complaints

Sensitivity to failure or rejection                              Irritability, hostility, or aggression                          Numbness

                                            Repeating thoughts of death or suicide, wishing to die, or attempt suicide

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Treatment for Depression and Mood Disorders can include a variety of therapeutic modalities and interventions. Your clinician will work with you to determine an individualized treatment plan to best meet your needs.

Therapeutic approaches that may be utilized for your treatment:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

    Acceptance and Commitment


    Schema Therapy

    Eye Movement Desensitization

    and Reprocessing

    Narrative Therapy

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