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Elevate Community

What is Elevate Community?

Elevate Community is a membership based peer support community with therapeutic components in place to assist members in elevating their recovery. As practitioners specializing in eating disorders, , and co-occurring disorders, we recognized that a gap existed in the treatment process. We found that clients in outpatient care often lacked a peer connection that we know is so critical in a successful recovery process. In addition, clients who had previously been in higher levels of care for their eating disorder experienced a steep drop off of peer support when moving to outpatient care.  We aim to fill this gap in the field and provide a space where members can connect and grow together, creating relationships that no longer have the eating disorder as the central focus. Elevate Community is not a treatment option, but to serve as an adjunct to your work within an Intensive Outpatient Program or when working with outpatient providers.  Listed below are the different elements of Elevate Community

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Elevate Support
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Elevate Support is the foundation of furthered recovery. We offer a community space accessible to members by key card from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday through Friday and 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays. This space is intended to allow members a place where they can stay committed to recovery actions while connecting to peers looking to do the same. You may wish to come to have a safe spot for a meal or simply come as a place to hang out and watch TV, play games,  engage in creative expression, or work on job or school activities.  

Elevate Nourishment
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For clients working on recovery from an eating disorder, continuing to challenge disordered beliefs and behaviors surrounding food is a central component to continued progress. There are weekly meal groups available led by a licensed professional. Your monthly membership fees cover two groups (meal or process) as well as a monthly community dinner and game night (also attended by a licensed professional). These clinician supported opportunities allow for greater support in challenging fear foods, eating disorder urges, and/or behaviors. In working with your outpatient dietitian, you can select challenges specifically for these clinician supported opportunities.

Elevate Connection
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Part of continued growth in recovery is connections among individuals. Our aim is to provide a setting along with opportunities that  encourage individuals to connect through channels other than those of an eating disorder.  In keeping with this goal, we provide a monthly clinician-supported outing. The community votes on various options (pottery painting, hiking, indoor climbing, service project, etc.) for the monthly outing. This opportunity provides shared experiences for members to increase their sense of connectedness over and above their recovery from an eating disorder.