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We had a vision of an outpatient community that worked with clients in not only supporting them in separating from disorders and patterns of behaviors that no longer were serving them, but to go a step farther in helping clients truly connect to valued living. We wanted to house and collaborate with a group of clinicians with similar goals from multidisciplinary backgrounds to best serve our clients’ needs. In doing this we are able to provide the best and most comprehensive care possible to our clients.  


One of the unique services we are excited to offer is the Elevate Community program. In our experiences, we found a major gap existed between detaching from some of the mental health concerns and connecting to that valued life.  In this gap, clients would often verbalize that while their symptoms were “better” they seemed to exist in this state of limbo where there was still a sense of a lack of joy or fulfillment in life. This gap could be summed up as a struggle to connect. The struggle with connection was apparent within self, with others, with passions, and with goals. The Elevate Community was designed to help clients take their process of healing further in offering a space, resources, and clinical outlets designed to foster these various points of connection.  


Whether you are contemplating taking your first steps on this healing journey or have been on this road for a while, we encourage you to reach out to us. We would be honored to support you in the space are in now and work towards helping you move closer towards connecting with where you would like to be.

A Message
to Prospective Clients
Image by Annie Spratt
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